Curriculum Vitae & Artist Statement

Bradley D. Miller
2125 South 61st Ave, Omaha, Nebraska 68106,


1992-1996 Austin Community College
1996-1998 University of Texas at Austin
2005-2009 University of Nebraska at Omahaa
Bachelor of Arts, Studio Arts


Nov 2009 Snap to Grid
Los Angeles Center for the Digital Arts
Los Angeles, CA Rex Bruce, Curator
Nov 2009 Annual Bemis Underground Fundraiser
Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
Omaha, NE Brigette McQueen, Art Director
Jan 2011 An Exchange with Sol LeWitt
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art
Boston, Massachusetts Regine Basha, Curator
Mar 2011 80 Square / Middle State Tennessee University
Tinney Contemporary Gallery
Nashville, TN Sisavanh Houghton, Art Director
Apr 2011 Pencils, Paintbrushes & Possibilities
The Arts Center of the Capital Region
Troy, NY Liz Coleman, Development Coordinator
Aug 2011 Parts of the Whole
13th Street Gallery / Hot Shops
Omaha, Nebraska Kelly Adams, Curator
Apr 2012 Art Sale to Benefit the Benson Theater Project
Star Deli
Omaha, NE Laurie Sewell, Coordinator
Jun 2012 Bemis Underground Fund Raiser
Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
Omaha, Nebraska Joel Damon, Curator
Jun 2012 The Power of Nine
Bancroft Street Market
Omaha, NE Cooperative Show
Jul 2013 Jam Packed
Star Deli
Benson, NE Laurie Sewell, Curator
Jun 2014 Ollie’s Dream Gala,
Annual Fundraiser for Ollie Webb
Omaha Hilton
Omaha, NE Mike Loftus, Fundraising Coordinator
Jul 2014 Jam Packed II
Star Deli
Benson, NE Laurie Sewell, Curator
Aug 2014 Gallery Nine 20th Anniversary Show
Gallery Nine
Lincoln, NE Roy Stoner Art Chair / Judith Andre Owner



Aug 2010 Signs
Hallway Gallery / Hot Shops
Omaha, NE Kelly Adams, Curator
Sep 2010 Signal
Blue Barn Theatre
Omaha, NE Susan Clement-Toberer, Artistic Director
Oct 2010 Reveal
Corning Center for the Fine Arts
Corning, IA Jody Boyer, Art Coordinator
Apr 2014

Star Deli
Benson, NE Laurie Sewell, Coordinator



Feb 2011 –
Dec 2011
Gallery Nine Professional Artist Affiliation
Gallery Nine
Lincoln, NE Roy Stoner Art Chair/ Judith Andre Owner


Jan 2011

An Exchange with Sol Le Witt
page 116 Regine Basha, Printed Linco Press ISBN#978 1-932698-52-7 2011 Cabinet Books & Mass MOCA


John Maga San Fransisco CA
Malisa Radke, Omaha, Nebraska
Mary Woodruff, Bothell, Washington


While exploring different collage techniques in 2008, I began to digitally alter my own
photographs by progressively layering, blurring and stretching areas within the photos to
create new textures and shapes. I then progressively layer and blend areas of interest into
new assembled pieces.
My silk screens provide a window into the world. I photograph each object, building, and
shape on site and in person. It is from these collected images that I build and layer my
photographs into screens.
The intended result of both work is to change the viewer’s perception of
familiar structures and symbols into unexpected shapes and silhouettes, as revealed
through the printing and photographic process.