Update: An Exchange with Sol LeWitt 2011

In 2011 I was fortunate to be apart of the “An Exchange with Sol LeWitt” inclusive show at the Mass MoCA. I would say I was more than lucky to have my little work up on the wall, but I was even more surprised to then see it show up in some of the press, and photos from the event. I was later floored to be in a publication which featured all the work of the show. And for someone who could have never afforded flying out to see it hanging up in the gallery, how cool was it that the curator provided every artist a free copy of the publication?
So far down stream from it all, I was asked today to share and connect with a featured site about this experience through a link to Artsy’s Sol LeWitt page.
You can read about Sol’s exchanges with famous and not so famous artists, how how he lived his entire artistic life participating in this grand exchange of art.
Sol LeWitt’s ethos, of sharing work and being charitable with art and artists is something that has pushed the boundaries of what I thought possible in art.

Artsy Sol LeWitt Page

Photo By Danelle Chaney 2011, used with permission.